Y Events: Ecology of Attention, Montag Modus

Divadlo X10
12. 7. 2021
Divadlo X10

Y Events: Ecology of Attention, Montag Modus

Y Events are setting back into physical space with the event co-curated with Berlin based Montag Modus interdisciplinary series.

Imagine the situation: We are back in the space of X10 Theatre. We just left our home safe spaces, unleashed ourselves from behind the cameras&screens and entered the realm of the Y: The Ecology of Attention event. Now we ́re sharing our attention towards the environment of an art event along with others. Together, we breathe the same air, our bodies stay or sit or stroll side-by-side (or a bit further in safe distances). The artists are performing, the artworks are on set and we are physically together, physically present.

The topic of attention not only highlights a theme and a format, but also a method of looking, thinking and approaching each other; the artists and their works – with effort, care, sustained looking and criticality. Y: The Ecology of Attention invites everyone to accept one’s vulnerability and fragility condensed in the re-learning of how we can be together again.

How much attention can we give to each other and how much attention should we give to
ourselves first?
Where are the borders of our personal space?
Are these spaces still important?
What is the proper distance I can stay to you?

GUESTS Julian Weber (DE), Trigger Collective (CZ)
CURATORS Anna Chrtková, Petr Dlouhý, Lena Szirmay-Kalos
GRAPHIS DESIGN Adrienn Czarsar
PARTNERS Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds, X10 Theatre, International Festival Zero Point Prague, MM Praxis

ENTRY FREE / this event is free to enter eny time between 6pm and 10 pm.