Pauline Payen (de) & Petr Dlouhý: Grieving for Post-pandemic Future(s)

Studio ALTA - Invalidovna west (garden)
14. 7. 2021
Studio ALTA - Invalidovna west (garden)

Pauline Payen (de) & Petr Dlouhý: Grieving for Post-pandemic Future(s)

Grieving for Post-Pandemic Future(s) is a performance-collective meditation situation conceived as a compassionate artistic response of a Berlin-based performer and choreographer Pauline Payen to Petr Dlouhý’s curatorial provocation: how to make grieving practices a tool for embodying a shared imagination of the future? 

The ongoing pandemics create a rift in our reality that have carried out the vulnerability of both us as individuals and the system we reside in. This very exposed vulnerability proved to be a powerful tool that enables us to derive from patterns of behaviour that exploited us and our surrounding environments. We have realized that the world we had lived in is no longer the world we want to strive for. During the proposed action we want to dwell for a little bit more in the hollow of our feelings and embrace the grief as a medium to project ourselves into an empathetic future.

We invite you to experience the shared moment of grieving for the world that we were thrown into to better define such a world that we would desire to care about.

KONCEPT, PERFORMANCE: Pauline Payen & Petr Dlouhý

Pauline Payen:  
Pauline, Agnès a.k.a. Nghiêm, Yannie, Payen (or PAYP) ate a spider age 2. She works at the crossing of dance, performance, and visual arts. Pauline is particularly interested in paradoxes, voices, faces, powers, shadows, chewing gums, dreams, attitudes, loops, slippery things, death, sound, poetry, theatricality, magic, social stereotypes, personas, and other ghosts. 

Petr Dlouhý
Petr decided not to eat poppy seeds at the age of 3, claiming they are too dark. Since then he has learned, as a freelance curator & researcher, how darkness could be subversively modified by joy & mutual care. His work could be perceived as an interlinked sphere in which the particular activities establish new networks of support, unexpected relationships, magic and safe environments for both artistic and institutional work. 

Capacity for the performance is limited up to 50 people. Please, book your place through Goout.

It takes place in the garden of the east wing of the Invalidovna. The sound is transmitted by headphones, which will be ready for each viewer.