Nitish Jain & collective.: Spoonfed

Studio ALTA - Invalidovna west (garden)
11. 7. 2021
Studio ALTA - Invalidovna west (garden)

Nitish Jain & collective.: Spoonfed


Nitish Jain & collective.

An intimate, multisensory performance for 3 audience. A blindfold, headphones and warm hands. Inspired by the mother figures from Kytice by K. J. Erben, we explore the idea of tenderness and care, perception of the known and unknown tickling the mind, and stories of the earth: simple and plain. This is a sensory adventure to interesting places and inner discoveries through tactile touches, smells, stories and above all, imagination.

The performance is possible to see only the 11th of July at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6p.m. 

THE CAPACITY is only 3 persons a show. It is necessary to make a reservation via


usefull info

  • the performace is only for 3 individuals as audience

  • you are free to choose between Czech and English language 

  • the performance takes 40 minutes

about the performers

Nitish Jain (India), Ivana Atanasova (Macedonia) and Lara Hereu (Catalonia), currently based in Prague, met during their master studies at DAMU and discovered a shared interest in creating devised and poly-lingual performances. Ivana and Lara are performers and professional actresses and studied Authorial Acting while Nitish is an architect by background and studied Scenography at DAMU. The collective’s work invites audiences to engage sensorially with unique environments and stories. This project is produced by Studio MoreThanThat – an artistic research practice that focuses on the intersection of architecture, immersive theatre and storytelling through sensory perception.

guides:Ivana Atanasova, Lara Hereu, Nitish Jain

narrators:Petra Hauerová, Ivana Atanasova

dramaturgy:Ran Jiao

sound design:Daniel Valášek

production:Studio MoreThanThat ( ) & Antonie Dědečková

support: Skautský institut, Divadlo DISK and Přístav 18600.

the performance was part of the project NOVÁ SÍŤ 2020 – Nová krev na scéně