House of Research

group performance
12. 7. 2022
18:00 - 19:30
Dům výzkumu

House of Research

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You can imagine the HOUSE OF RESEARCH to be a laboratory or a study room. Doors of House of Research open to four artists, arriving from different contexts, to work in its interiors and share their questions and thoughts. The individual interests intertwine in collective moments to find the reciprocal support and rectification.

On the last day of residence the artists will open the studio to the public and offer the inside look into their individual working processes.

Artists: anto_nie Bernardová, Janaína Moraes, Joana Simōes, Mária Ševčíková
Curator: Petr Dlouhý

#anto_nie Bernardová, artist and facilitator who is operating throughout the layers of the queer-activist milieu. She searches and tries diverse approaches of care, from gossip to the practices of collective resistance or herbology. These are manifested both in direct activist actions and in the shared non-physical spaces by means of game engines, immerse sound or text.

#Janaína Moraes, a Brazilian dance, performance and research artist based in New Zealand who uses her practice for asking how to comprise otherness. The starting point is exploring the relationship between the host and guest and their transformation in compositional techniques. Such an approach results in choreographies and specific welcoming events framed by thoughts and strategies of residing and inviting.

#Joana Simōes is a Portuguese dancer and choreographer who has been working and studying in Prague since 2019. Her artistic intent forms a bridge between physicality and meditation. She exceeds to open the meanings, which we can look into through the body, and she shows us the strategies on how to communicate all the weird stories of our lives.

#Mária Ševčíková is associated with creative production on multiple levels. She works as an actor, screenwriter and performer in many independent theatre projects. As a poet and promoter, she is a core member of the Slam Poetry SK platform. Her practice is a complex world seized by constricted text and scenic language. Yet there are often formal and informal dives into the unknown that enable her to pull herself out of the line and search into other, hidden worlds.