Helle Bach & Tomáš Janypka: Lonesome COWBOY

work in progress
13. 7. 2022
studio alta | invalidovna > west wing | event room

Helle Bach & Tomáš Janypka: Lonesome COWBOY

Lonesome COWBOY is a research project that explores masculine icons and heroes in a METOO time. How are they ? Do they live in the best of times and in development in our psyche or do they ride, like Lucky Luke alone, misunderstood and isolated into the wilderness?

Cowboys, Firefighters, Sailors, Pilots and other heroes are strongly integrated in the thinking and way of defining masculinity in our society and culture. These icons ignite our ideas about both the other and ourselves, no matter what gender you are. Are movements such as “me too”, “anti-colonialism” and an emphasis on gender diversity led to radical changes in male identity?

With Lonesome Cowboy, we want to examine where our times are pushing our ideas of masculinity, which of course also indirectly informs about the shift of feminine identity. In a time of upheaval, where what is socially acceptable in the moment is new, it places much greater demands on our behavior and interpersonal relationships.

The project is international and created by the meeting between performer Tomáš Janypka and choreographer Helle Bach in connection with the staging of a sight specific version of Circus Loneliness for the festival ZERO POINT 2021 in Prague. The first show is expected in August 2023.



Concept: Helle Bach a Tomáš Janypka

Choreography: Helle Bach
Performer: Tomáš Janypka
Production: ZDRUHESTRANY & dadadans
Supported by: Studio Alta, Nultý Bod 2022, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Statutární město Brno a hl. města Prahy.