14. 7. 2022
19:00 - 23:00
Studio alta | invalidovna > west wing | garden


Antimother is a production platform and micro-label that seeks to support the frontier phenomena of contemporary music and sound design. This time for the second time with their OC/DC Cabaret, they will close the Nultý Bod (Zero Point) theater festival in Karlin’s Alta studio on Thursday 14.7.2022

Yeah You (UK)

Yeah You is the duo of father Mykel Jaxn (aka Gwilly Edmondez) and daughter Elvin Brandhi, who weave wild declamations, industrial beats, screeching bass and ear-splitting synths into their improvisations. They recorded their only one vinyl album KRUTCH (2017), in which they filter the desperation of black metal through unerring pop skill, in a black Renault Clio family car while driving through Holland, Germany and all the way to Budapest’s Aurora. We’ll see what they arrive with in the stopover on their way from Paris to Berlin. “The music and letting-go part of it is already sort of social suicide – and then on top of that I’m doing it with my dad.” – Elvin Brandhi interview with Tristan Bath for the Quietus

Budokan Boys (US)

Budokan Boys is the weird-music project of composer Jeff T Byrd and vocalist Michael Jeffrey Lee. Formed in New Orleans in 2014, they’ve released albums with Baba Vanga, Tymbal, and Ever/Never. Their fierce and darkly-comic live shows combine off-kilter electronics, bizarre narratives, seedy saxophones and squealing slide guitar—each.

Mme Psychosis (PL)

Active only in the dark & based in Vienna, Mme Psychosis (short: MP) can be caught in the evenings letting out the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that hunt her during the day. In MP’s music world, the beat is your guide and your drive, the synths melt all over you, the vocals resonate to then turn distant. The uncanny. MP wants one thing. One thing only. To gradually build her music into your veins, have your blood pump to her rhythms and, ultimately, to have you see the light. The light of The Seventh Reduced –her Cult in the making.

Jano Doe & False Trance (SK & CZ)

The premiere of two projects that should have played together twice already, so hopefully it will be good for the third time. Katarína Gatialová, performing on the music scene under the name Jano Doe, will once again loosen the reins on her modular synthesizer to meet the fragmented free-jazz rhythms of drummer Ondrej Parus, aka False Trance.

DJ Škrtím Srnky (SK)

An integral part of Antimother’s live performances is DJ Skrtím Srnky who closes the event with his uncompromising sets of emotionally challenging, strange and beautiful songs. In doing so, he takes the model of home parties with youtubes to a collective level and busts the myth that something straightforwardly danceable always has to play at the end.