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Iona Kewney and Joseph Quimby


"A visceral physical and sonic experience.With her unique idiosyncratic movement, Iona dives unforgiving to the edges of Power and Fragility with wild abandon and fierce broken control. The Regal and the dirt. A journey of the heart; the physical Vision of unspoken words that takes the body to limits and renewal in relentless belief and the Urgency of Now. Reaching places of surrender, higher 'states' of being, Methods of Madness, Control and Disorder through dance, hand balancing and contortions to become 'the other'. From hysteria, strengths and failures a Euphoric song of the soul rises in pure Vision. The totality of hearing the atmosphere callings in the body. Movement from the eyes that see Inside and the eyes that see Outside. Riding on the hunt." © Iona Kewney.


Creative Scotland Quality Productions (UK). Circus Next Laureate / Jeune Talents du Cirque (Europe). Circuscentrum (B ). Les Ballets C de La B studios (B). Wim Vandekeybus Studios (B). National Theatre Studio ( London). La Breche,National pole des arts du cirque ( FR). Les Migrateurs (FR). PerpleX (B). Subtopia (SE).

Zodiak Centre for New Dance ( FI).


'Iona is awesome- there's No denying it. Her physical, visceral, shamanic performance is an extraordinary blend of contemporary circus and Radical dance......'

TOTAL THEATRE. London. Dorothy Max Prior. 2015

"There are few originals in any art form...dancer Iona Kewney has the unique combination of skills and experience to count as one of them.'

GARETH K  VILE. Scotland.

"Iona Kewney is a most gifted, powerful and truly contemporary dancer and performer. We need her truth and her strength."

EUGENIA PRALORAN. Journalist and Critic. ‘Mirabilia’ ITALY.2013.

 '....Because she knows fatigue and pain and loss and strife, but she never gives up until she gets past the horizon, straight into a brand new vision each time she steps on stage. Because she brings her armor with grace. Because she knows that beauty is eternal yet fragile, and that it demands everything an artist has to give. Because she is ferociously strong and amazingly straightforward. Because she cuts like a razor, yet is delicate like a lily. And because she allows us to see it all .'EUGENIA PRALORAN. Italy 2013.

'I witnessed the suffocating intensity of Iona Kewney and could barely speak afterwards - a feral, mesmerising performance - somewhere between dance, improvisation and ritual."

THE GUARDIAN Performance Highlights of 2011. Andy Feld.


Choreographer, director, dancer: Iona Kewney

Musician: Joseph Quimbey 

Photos: Jouni Ihalainen




The event place: CELETNA THEATRE, Celetná 17, 110 00 Praha 1