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In this new piece, I would like to continue my cooperation with the Japanese dancer Takashi Ueno; he has become one of my most important dancers in recent years. His unusually powerful stage presence and poetry of movement could already be admired in my pieces „Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert“, „Pas de Deux“, „Cantatas“ and most recently as a guest in „An Evening with Judy“.

In the new piece I would like to place Takashi Ueno in a connection to music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The music from this period, which stems from Spain, will be sung by Victoria de los Angeles (as a recording). The idea for this unusual combination arose during the rehearsals for my last piece, “Quartet”.

You are welcome to take part in discussion with the performers after the show.

Concept, choreography and set design Raimund Hoghe 

Dance: Takashi Ueno, Raimund Hoghe 

Artistic collaboration: Luca Giacomo Schulte 

Light: Raimund Hoghe, Amaury Seval 

Sound: Pascal Gehrke

Management: Mathieu Hilléreau, Les Indépendances