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Lucrecia Dalt

A Colombian musician and composer based in Berlin that has been an individualist with all her outputs - music albums, audiovisual experiments, performance or installations. Lucrecia Dalt always makes her own choice for new instruments and arranges philosophy into sonic poetry. Her new album  Anticlines is considered to be the most distinctive projects of hers so far. The avant-garde pop leaning towards surrealist ambient accompanied by suggestive narration is based on thinking about time, deep layers of the Earth and ourselves.The artist studied Civil Engineering with  specialisation  on geotechnology, but she decided to go even deeper with her contemplation about uprooting, our relation to the Earth and psyche that does not belong only to humans. As you may find  various strata under ground, her music has many layers as well and you will hear strong tension and great dynamics.  Lucrecia Dalt supports Tierra Digna Organisation / / with part of her income from the new album. The organisation helps South-american communities that have been afflicted by companies or corporations which ruin environment and violate human rights. 

duration: 60 min.