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Jan Bárta: Pitch

“The present age is essentially rational, frigid, reflective which surge up in momentary enthusiasm and after that, ingeniously consist in impassivity.”

S. Kierkegaard

It’s as if I’ve overheard what I’ve seen, and overlooked what stands in front of me and talks to me loudly. Could it have gone so far? How remarkable. But it shouldn’t happen anymore – I could lose my presence and the direction of the original intention - not to get lost! I should be more alert and perceptive with all my senses, so that I finally realize that somebody has already appreciated me with his or her attention.

 What really does attract our attention? How much do we have to concentrate in order to perceive a certain object or story? Is it true that our primary attention is above all caught by eccentricity, unexpectedness and originality?

 People are forced more and more to broaden their perception. The quantity of impulses that we must simultaneously perceive is increasing all the time. But the more we try to grasp these ever-growing impulses, the less we concentrate. It leads to our feeling overwhelmed, and to the worsening of our recognitive abilities. We concentrate more on brief, shallow experiences, which provides us with immediate and easy responses.

Lenght: 35 min.

Concept, text, performed by: Jan Bárta
Technical support: Tomáš Morávek
Dramaturgy and direction advice:  Tereza Vohryzková, Tomáš Morávek
Production: Markéta Černá, CreW z.s.,

Thanks to: Markéta Jáchimová, Zuzana Kropáčová, Erikk Mckenzie, Studio Zijspan, Divadlo bratří Formanů, Crewcollective

Supported by: City of Prague and Meet Factory