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Iona Kewney (UK)  July 21 – July 23, 2016 

Kewney's workshop “The Pure Raw Physical is a movement workshop of the body and it's capabilities to make the 'emotional physical' alive. Focused on highly physical training of athletic energy and technique opening the body for all dimensions asked of it, entrances and Exits and Presence of yourself, and going through 'states of being' for performance. She will present methods of movement and dynamics in space with reasoning and choice control; Order and Disorder, risk, instinct, beast and fragility of movement, using truth of decision making and pure choices; being totally in the moment and ahead of yourself in place and time. There will be a lot of ground floor work, awareness and projection of energies in the space. Different momentums and physicality's which can be applied elsewhere in performing. Strength through hand balancing deconstruction. Breaking down movement through emotional content and isolation of body parts and layering detail into Form. Control and disorder of the anatomical landscape.