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Alexander Vantrounhout (BE) July 18 – July 20, 2016 

The class will start with a series of specific unconventional stretches, yoga Iyengar postures followed by dynamic undulations and brain challenging exercises. Than there will be focus on solo explorations: moving with the body as 6 extrimities’ (head, feet, hands, tail), falling skills - how to approach the floor in a soft (-er) way, multi-plane movement patterns like spirals, helixes, and duo explorations - complexity of touch/dealing with another body (manipulating ‘dead’, ‘half dead’ bodies and reciprocal’ touch‘), scored improvisation like ‘move when you touch’, symmetrical contact, challenging sight situations. I will propose specific situations, where we aim to derive principles rather than forms and where the body is both challenged mentally and physically. The class alters from my repertoire (known), first-time-tested and borrowed exercises (from Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Fransesco Scavetta, Jozef & Linda). This class promotes freedom (through flexibility and mobility) of movement, play and expression.